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Meet the Family

Joey Thurmond

Born: September 23, 1972 in Dallas, Georgia

Joey, with his wife Jamie, reside in Dallas, Georgia on land that has been in his family for over 100 years.  Joey’s performing and circus interest were evident at an early age.  On a trip to the circus as a small boy, Joey fell in love with circus arts.  Performing as Charlie Chaplin in school plays, he found that he loved the comedic role.  Later, Joey’s performing career took on a very new aspect in that he found himself performing as a professional wrestler for World Championship Wrestling.  After suffering a career-ending injury, Joey focused on another dream, being a police officer.  Proudly serving the Atlanta area for over 15 years and being decorated 3 times, Joey found the dreams of childhood and circus calling louder than ever.  While on their honeymoon, Joey and Jamie visited the Ringling Circus Museum.  It didn’t take much to bring back the memories.  Soon, Joey was learning more about the art of clowning, polishing up on his juggling and balancing skills that he learned as a child, and the character NOJOE was born.  Performing at local children’s hospitals and nursing Homes, he was enjoying a new “hobby”.  Then calls began to come in requesting him to perform at more and more functions.  As the hobby grew into a small one clown show, Joey and Jamie realized they were onto something special.  Today, Joey and Jamie tour the United States each year with a full three ring show and perform to thousands of fans.

Jamie Thurmond

Born: January 24, 1983 in Austell, Georgia

Jamie grew up as the daughter of average middle-class working parents.  Jamie’s performance skills grew from formative hobbies like playing guitar and acting.  She married Joey Thurmond on August 30th, 2003 and soon after began helping to build what would later become Nojoe’s Circus.  Jamie began in a technical role for the show’s sound and lighting.  As the show continued to grow, she began to take on a more pivotal role in performing.  As she learned the Polynesian art called Poi, Jamie soon found herself in the center ring.  Jamie is also working in many management roles for the show.  With the show growing into a three ring circus, Jamie has learned and resurrected the nostalgic art of the swinging ladder trapeze.  Now soaring high over the crowds, performing the swinging ladder, fire Poi, juggling cube, juggling square, and hoops for thousands of fans each year, Jamie continues to capture the heart of audiences all across the United States.

Tyler Thurmond

Born: June 30, 1993 in Austell, Georgia

Tyler began his circus career at the age of 10.  A very accomplished baseball player, Tyler was able to use his coordination skills and pick up the circus arts very easily.  Tyler learned to juggle, wire walk, stilt walk, and perform the Wheel of Adventure.  Starting clowning at age 10, he grew up experiencing the hard work that went into learning a new act, but also the ability to make it well received by the audiences.  Tyler’s clowning became his claim to fame.  Tyler is an absolute natural and won a Clown of the Year award in 2009!




Hernan Colonia

Born: September 21, 1986 in Cali, Colombia

Hernan, a fifth generation circus performer was literally born into the circus industry.  His mother gave birth to him behind the curtain during a show and Hernan made his circus debut just a few minutes later into the center ring.  Hernan has performed for his family’s circus in Colombia and abroad including America and Japan.  He performs various circus arts including wire walking, wheel of adventure, motorcycle globe, hand balancing, and chair stacking.  Joining Nojoe’s Circus in 2010, Hernan has been able to showcase his talents.  He is not only a performer, but an accomplished metal worker as well.  Hernan has built many props and riggings for Nojoe’s Circus and other shows worldwide.