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The Filmmakers

Daniel Espeut

Director and Producer

Born and raised in Georgia, Daniel Espeut has been producing unique cinematic productions for many years.  He discovered his passion for directing motion pictures while he was attending Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, Georgia.  By his senior year, he received six AECT International Student Media Festival awards and a media internship position with ZDF, one of Europe’s largest broadcast television networks located in Mainz, Germany.  In 2009, he became a Cum Laude graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television.  Daniel met Joey Thurmond while making a promotional video for Nojoe’s Circus.  He was fascinated by Joey’s passion for the art and knowledge of clowning.  With Daniel’s second profession being a mobile DJ and MC, it amazed him how many similarities he saw in Joey’s profession.  Watching Joey perform made Daniel a better performer!  Joey and Daniel decided it was time to make a film that shows the everyday life of a performing clown, in and out of makeup.  This would be the essential element to humanize the clown.

Greg Gimpelevich


Greg Gimpelevich was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. Having emigrated to the United States in 1992 to Brooklyn, NY, he and his family later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he would continue his studies.  He graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s in English Composition and Rhetoric. Greg put himself through school using his talents as a dancer, DJ, Emcee, and Photographer.  His photography company, Greg G Photography, has become a fairly successful venture specializing in all manner of events including weddings, bar mitzvahs, and corporate functions.  Greg and Joey Thurmond met as members of Family Entertainers of Atlanta, a business networking group that played host to a number of performers around the city.  Greg’s assistance in the Greasepaint project came about naturally through his friendship with Daniel and Joey as the filming became more demanding.  Working as the project still photographer, camera-man, and assistant director, Greg has found Joey’s passion for clowns and circus to be infectious.  Showing the true side behind clowning was an unbelievable pleasure and Greg hopes that this documentary will really open peoples’ eyes to the fact that clowns are performers just like any  other and that the world could really use more laughter.

Henri Lespinasse

Assistant Editor

Henri was  born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in the Caribbean on the Island of Saint Maarten in the French West indies.  At the age of 9, Henri moved back to New Orleans where he went to school.  At 17, he went to boarding school in middle Tennessee at the Webb school to finish off his  high school Tenure and that is where he began his interest in video.  He then attended Tusculum College in northeast Tennessee where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Film and Broadcasting.  For last 5 years, Henri has been working in the film industry doing all sorts of events and  projects in Asia, Europe and all over the United States.  Henri is currently working at Espeute Productions as their head editor and is proud to be a part of GreasePaint.

E.M. Watson

Music Composer

E.M. Watson (Estebon) was born in Slidell, Louisiana and started in the music business at a very young age thanks to his father.  His father was a minister of music for over 30 years and the lead pianist of a jazz band called Niavibe.  His family members are all musicians and vocalists and his mother and father had him trained as a drummer from the age of 5.  Estebon accompanied his father, Stephen Watson for 8 years until he began to take an interest in piano and music production.  This interest led him into the wonderful world of film and video game music which dwells in his mind every hour of the day.  He has been fortunate to meet and work with some fantastic people.  Estebon has worked with small and large budgets in nearly every entertainment venue in Atlanta and Los Angeles.  He is currently the lead music composer at Espeuté Productions and E.M. Watson Music.